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Friday, February 26, 2010

What are you feeling today??

For me  it is easy...

I am over the snow!   No more snow I want it to be Spring time with the pretty flowers & the sun shining & the birds chirping.  But nay, it is snow like there is no tomorrow outside.  It has been snowing since yesterday morning.  Boooo

I say go away Mr. Snow Miser and bring in Mr.Heat Miser!!




  1. I know, here too....we have a foot with another 7-12 inches before tomorrow morning!!!!! PA-LEASE!

    So, I am feeling trapped, snow-bound and cold....


  2. Lol! Cute graphics! I'm actually loving all this snow the city has not been covered in white like this for years! Thanks for posting the coupons and sales info :)

  3. There is another storm heading our way for Tuesday / Wednesday time frame of next week!! It has been over 10 years that I can remember getting pounded with snow like this. I should have bought stock in Swiss Miss! LOL


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