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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Cosmetic Scents 88 Ultra Shimmer Eye Shadow Palette

So I kept reading & reading about Coastal Scents how good it was. How pigmented.  How it rivals MAC for quality.  I will admit that I am a Stila girl!  I love the texture & feel of the shadows, how easily they blend & of course how they have a lovely lovely shimmer to them! 

Well I finally caved and bought the paletteIt came during the week but since I have been sick today was the first day that I got to try them out & I have to say that so far I am impressed with them.  I tried three colors in the warm neutral shades.  They blended very nicely as well as having great pigmentation.  Each shadow is about the size of a dime but will last awhile since a little goes a long way.  The palette costs about $19.95 and comes with virtually every color imaginable so this is something you can use every day!  This company also sells pigments which you can use in nail polishes or what have you to create whatever you like.  

For me this was worth the investment because I have loads of beautiful colors to play with and for the money paid the quality is outstanding!

Below is a picture of the palette that I purchased from Coastal Scents.  Picture is property of Coastal Scents.

Friday, January 15, 2010

First Post

For Christmas I received a Konad Gold kit from my sister and her family as a gift.  Needless to say I was BEYOND ecstatic.  I have always done my own nails but never really got into nail art or anything fancier then a french manicure because I was not talented in that arena at all.

So wouldn't you know it, my first attempt was not so good.  My sister helped as luck would have it I got majorly sick.  Had to go to the ER lat Sunday early Monday type of sick and by the time I got around to the manicure well it was chipped.   But it was my first effort.  

I used Orly Rubberized Bonder as the Basecoat,  OPI Happy Anniversary for the main color with Konad blue and the Konad bubble stamp with the Konad top coat.  It was well an experiment that I learned from and one that I know know will take lots of practice & time.  Konad is not so lickity split in the beginning...LOL

But it was a valiant effort and one that will be attempted again once I am feeling better and have time to spend Konading.  Is that an actual verb or am I making words up?   Regardless, I think you know what I mean.

However, I do enjoy doing my nails and you will be fated, if you keep reading this blog, with seeing my effort.

Monday, January 11, 2010

About Me and This Blog

My name is Kaide and I am a singleton who lives in Central Jersey, United States.  Other words used to describe me would be shopaholic. fashion. nail polish. beauty. handbag lover. techno weenie. reader. dancer. Broadway. road trips. FL. NYC. beach. IRE. Chuck Taylor All Stars. Barbie. Hello Kitty. girlie. preppy.  tall.  redhead.  last but not least wise-ass.  : )

I have ALWAYS had a thing for polish but I also love fashion and makeup so I figured why not a one stop blog for everything I love. You will find things from coupons and deals I have found to my latest purchase or love.

I work in technical support but my dream when I graduated with a marketing degree was to make use of it in the fashion industry.  However, commuting everyday into NYC was not part of my dream & I am so NOT a city girl.. I like getting in my car driving whether to work or the mall!!

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