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Saturday, February 6, 2010

MAC Lillyland Lipgelees Swatches - Better Late then Never!

So I did take the swatches sadly they are not as good as I had hoped but I think you can see the super shimmer of them.  Which they are....SHIMMERIFIC!!  I am so so happy that I bought them all.

Resort Life - Off white with pink pearl
Lush & Bright - Bright pink yellow coral with pink (Pearl)
Preppy -Blue pink with pink pearl
Shift To Pink -Light violet with silver (Pearl)

Hope they give you some idea of their beauty!!
[ Click on pics to enlarge them ]

Left to  Right
Resort Life  //  Lush and Bright //  Preppy  // Shift To Pink

Left to  Right
Resort Life  //  Lush and Bright //  Preppy  // Shift To Pink

Left to  Right
Resort Life  //  Lush and Bright //  Preppy  // Shift To Pink

Thursday, February 4, 2010

MAC Lillyland Lipgelees

I am a HUGE Lilly Pulitzer and MAC lipgloss fan so when I went by the MAC store I was called by the Lillyland display.  I have never tried their lipgelee before but the colors all said buy me & I did!  I bought all four colors.  So far I have used the Resort Life and Lush and Bright.  I am in LOVE!!  These are all nice & shimmery and go on like a dream!  You have to see these in person to really see the shimmer - there was  no skimping at all!!  They are not sticky but your hair will get caught in On a side note, all the colors are limited editions!

These are fabulous colors for the spring & summer.  If you are a Lilly & MAC fan, like me,  then these are a definite must have!!  The colors are FABULOUS! 

[ I will do my best to take & post pictures when I get home tonite! ]

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Camera question

I feel bad posting the pics I do because I see how clear & crisp everyone's are & then I see mine.  WAAaHHHh  =( .  The color is either off or blurry!  No matter what setting I use I am still not getting the quality of picture that I want.  Which means of course that I need a new camera.  I will have to do some shopping around & check out Consumers Guide to see what gets good ratings.

I am wondering...what do you use or recommend?


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