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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Yves Saint Laurent [ YSL ] Orange Flamboyant

So last week I ordered a few YSL La Laque Long-Lasting Nail Lacquer.  First one up is Orange Flamboyant.  The color totally reminds me of a 60's shade of orange.  In the daylight it lives up to it's name...flamboyant!  It is a gorgeous color!  May look red in the pictured but believe me it is orange. 

However, it chips easily!  I put on three coats but it is still not fully opaque. You can see the nail line and it is a little streaky.  Next time I would use a base color like white or nude to make it more opaque.  I love this color so much I will deal with the chip maintenance. long-lasting this polish is not.  :(

The pictures below were taken in the sunlight.

Taken outdoors with the sun bouncing off all the snow we got


This was taken indoors but with the sun behind me .

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