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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Camera question

I feel bad posting the pics I do because I see how clear & crisp everyone's are & then I see mine.  WAAaHHHh  =( .  The color is either off or blurry!  No matter what setting I use I am still not getting the quality of picture that I want.  Which means of course that I need a new camera.  I will have to do some shopping around & check out Consumers Guide to see what gets good ratings.

I am wondering...what do you use or recommend?


  1. I use a regular compact camera but there are some tricks.
    1. Use the macro or super macro setting. I put my hand in front of the camera before I turn this setting on because my camera finds it easier to focus on the nails that way.

    2. Use a light box, DIY light box, indirect lighting bouncing off a white wall of sheet of paper, depending on your funds and space.

    3. If the pics turn out blurry this might be because you turned off the flash and the shutter stays open for longer and picks up on every single little move you make. A small tripod might help with that.

    4. If the colours are off try focussing the camera on a white sheet of paper from about the same distance as you would take pics of your hand. This corrects the white balance and should help take better colour accurate pics.

    5. Saved the best tip for last. Read your manual. You'd be amazed what functions and settings your camera has that you know nothing about! You may not even need a new camera.

    Hope that helps!

  2. I use this camera

    It's not fancy, but I think my pics come out pretty good! I just use the macro setting and no flash. When there's no sun, I position a lamp behind the camera (a floor lamp with adjustable thingies) for back lighting. That really helps when I'm taking pics in low light.

    I know that the people with the really amazing pics use the fancy Canon cameras and a lot of them use a light box. There's a tutorial on making a light box at polish or perish. I hope to make one soon.

  3. Thanks so very much for the awesome tips & tricks!! Reading the manual - never thought of that! Lord knows if I can find it now!! lol

    I was actually looking at a lightbox on ThinkGeek - - but I wasn't sure how good it is.

  4. I use a light box and an SLR but I don't think you need to. A simple tripod and timer / remote will do the trick if you have consistent lighting. :-)

  5. Thank you all for your input!! I landed up getting a Kodak Z915 [ Valentines Day Weekend Sale] & a Joby tripod. The camera is AWESOME!! Still waiting on the tripod!

    Can't wait to start taking pictures with the camera!


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