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Monday, January 11, 2010

About Me and This Blog

My name is Kaide and I am a singleton who lives in Central Jersey, United States.  Other words used to describe me would be shopaholic. fashion. nail polish. beauty. handbag lover. techno weenie. reader. dancer. Broadway. road trips. FL. NYC. beach. IRE. Chuck Taylor All Stars. Barbie. Hello Kitty. girlie. preppy.  tall.  redhead.  last but not least wise-ass.  : )

I have ALWAYS had a thing for polish but I also love fashion and makeup so I figured why not a one stop blog for everything I love. You will find things from coupons and deals I have found to my latest purchase or love.

I work in technical support but my dream when I graduated with a marketing degree was to make use of it in the fashion industry.  However, commuting everyday into NYC was not part of my dream & I am so NOT a city girl.. I like getting in my car driving whether to work or the mall!!

Thanks for visiting!!



  1. Nice to meet you Kaide and welcome to the blogger community!
    (In a non-creepy non-cult kind of way lol)


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