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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Milani Delivered

So yesterday I came home from work to see I had a little package which I was so stoked to see but when I picked it up I could smell nail polish!! OH NO!! Never a good sign. Lo & behold one of my Milani 3D Hologram bottles was broken!! So I promptly called Milani who is shipping another bottle to me...YEAH!!

Below are pictures of what I got which everyone & their brother has posted. As noted before I have an older camera so the pics aren't always stellar. This go round I used my handy dandy Blackberry with the lights off and SHAZAM the blooming flash is so bright you can see the pretty polish



Now it seems not only do I need to invest in a new desktop computer I need a camera as well.  The things we do to take pretty pictures of polish!!  

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