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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Supercalafragelisticexpialadocious Saturday! Major Polish Haul Day!!

So my goal this weekend was to find the Milani 3D holo collection.  Well wouldn't you know it the one store [Ulta] that I KNEW carried the brand seems to no longer carry it.  So between last night & today I went to every local store I could think of and  only 1 store [CVS] carries Milani but just the typical assortment nothing special or limited edition. 

However, I did not let that stop me.  I seemed to be on spending spree PLUS what I ordered during the week came in, hence the name of this posting!!

So without further expectation below are pics of what I got!!

First up, is what I got at Ulta...CHI..Hot Ring Illusion Around Saturn - $8 with 20% off

Next is my CVS haul...everything I got was 75% off.  The Milani polishes were $1.12 each & the Revlon was $1.25.

Revlon - #791 Midnight Affair
Milani - #357 Whitest White
Milani - #50 She's So Glitzy
Milani - #51 Just Juicy
Milani - # 27A Garnet Gems

Next I went to Harmon's and was surprised at the variety & one offs that they have.  It was so long since I have been there but based on what I saw today I will definitely go back!  I got Nicole by OPI for $6.49 and the Color Clubs for $2.99.

Nicole by OPI - Dream Maker
Color Club - #870 Rule Breaker
Color Club - #871 Wild at Heart

Then I went to Rite Aid and went old school with Wet N Wild.  Prices between $1.99 and $0.99.  I also bought these because I plan on trying to do some frankens with colors I have at home that I don't like.

Wet N Wild Craze - #37 Glitz - $1.99
Wet N Wild Wild Shine - #406B Wild Orchid - $0.99
Wet N Wild Wild Shine - #449C French White Creme - $0.99
Wet N Wild Wild Shine - #424A Black Creme - $0.99

Next up, I went to Walgreens and bought some Sinful Polish.  I already have the Courtney Orange which I LOVE and lasted 2 weeks on my toes with no chips or wear or nail staining!!  These I got for $1.99.  The glitters I figured I could use for frankens as well.

Sinful Colors - # 923 Queen of Beauty
Sinful Colors - #283 San Francisco
Sinful Colors - # 927 Nail Junkie
Sinful Colors - # 831 Hottie

Then when the mail came today I was stoked!!  I got what I ordered from [Nfu-Oh] and [BB Couture].  The Nfu-Ohs were $12.50 and the BB Couture were $9. I got free shipping with the NFU-Oh!

Nfu-Oh - # 068
Nfu-Oh - # 063
Nfu-Oh - # 061

BB Couture - Cap-Haitian
BB Couture- Labadie Beach

So I will definitely be busy with all these fabulous polishes!  I haven't used Milani, Color Club, NFU-Oh or BB Couture so I will see how those go.  I can't wait to do my nails later!

Do you have any thoughts on these brands or formulas??

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